Reasons to use home made Kombucha (submitted by K-Tea users)
Reasons to use Kombucha

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Welcome. We maintain this site so that you may be informed about Kombucha, and the possible associated health benefits. As a disclaimer, every effort is made to refrain from claims of medicinal values regarding Kombucha, (as you may discover, it is a difficult task). However, we will not hesitate to publicize our personal experience, and those of others, to inform as to the likelihood of health benefits directly contributed to use of Kombucha Tea and derivatives. Millions of people, all over the world, use Kombucha daily. It is a refreshing beverage, as well as a useful health care supplement.

You can order Kombucha Cultures now using PayPal;  kombucha cultures; 25$. order now by paypal  Product #1) 2 Kombucha Cultures With Instructions: $25.00 includes shipping.

No information about visitors to this site is collected. If you order Kombucha products, your transaction information is not shared for any reason. Peoples' privacy is extremely important to us.

"Chef Josef Desimone makes Kombucha for Google employees. Almost 100 glasses of Kombucha are served every day at the cafeterias". . . Wikipedia

Why make your own Kombucha? It is easy to make organic grade (better than commercial) Kombucha at home, which also leaves out a variety of processes & 'ingredients' that are good for neither the Kombucha or the consumer. Plus, you have the ability to customize your own Kombucha, to your liking, at a total cost of about $.50 a gallon.

The Kombucha Culture, sometimes mistakenly referred to as a mushroom, is a symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria (the friendly type). Kombucha Tea is made by combining the culture, with a mixture of black tea, and sugar. The ingredients are allowed to "ferment", usually from 7-10 days. The resulting beverage contains dozens of elements, many of which are known to promote healing for a variety of conditions.

Traditionally, Kombucha use has spread (for over 2000 years) by the passing of Kombucha Cultures from family to family, and friend to friend. We give away Kombucha in our neighborhood. We provide mail order Kombucha Cultures, and/or ready made K-Tea, to those interested.

When making K-Tea, You will need a Kombucha Culture, black (orange pekoe) tea, sugar, some fine cloth (jar covering) and a heavy rubber band. Jars and pots should be kept extremely clean.

Kombucha reproduces itself, so, if maintained appropriately, you could have/make a lifetime supply from a single Kombucha Culture.

Kombucha Starter Cultures, Information and Ordering

2 Kombucha Cultures, with instructions for making Kombucha Tea:
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We are proud to offer the finest Kombucha products available. Perhaps you are ready to join the millions of people who use Kombucha daily, as a refreshing beverage and a useful health care supplement. We are working hard to make it convenient and economical for everyone to benefit from Kombucha use.

We have been making and using Kombucha products for several years. I have noted numerous improvements in my overall health including: increased energy, sharper eyesight, and better skin condition, to name a few. We also have reference to positive results contributed to Kombucha use by our friends and family members. We give away Kombucha locally. We make no claims as to the medicinal value of Kombucha, (except the ones we already made).

Our cultures/teas have been improving in vitality/taste over time. They are made under extremely sanitary conditions using Lipton tea and Domino sugar.

There is a wealth of information regarding Kombucha on "The Web", so you can read about it for months.

We can mail you Kombucha Cultures, &/or ready made K-Tea, (see below), as well as detailed instructions for making your own K-Tea.

In any case, we strongly recommend that you use stainless steel (2nd choice glass) pots, (for brewing tea), and clear glass jars (for fermenting). You will also need lots of tea, sugar, some fine cloth, and a heavy rubber band. Jars and pots should be kept extremely clean.

Kombucha reproduces itself, so, if maintained appropriately, you could have/make a lifetime supply from 1 Kombucha Culture. If you get your Kombucha from us, and have problems causing the need (lose your culture), we will replace it, one time, for the cost of shipping.

Product #1, Kombucha Starter Kit

2 FRESH Kombucha Cultures, enough K-Tea to start first batch(s), and detailed instructions for making tea. Also included is information regarding other uses for Kombucha derivatives. Price: $25.00.

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2 Kombucha Cultures/Instructions, shipped outside continental U.S.: $40.00

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Product #2

BEST VALUE! Our 100% pure Kombucha Tea is a refreshing beverage and a useful health care supplement!!
Starter Kit, plus 1 quart, ready-made Kombucha Tea. Enough to use until your first batch is ready. Price: $50.00.

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Product #3

1/2 Gallon of our finest ready-made Kombucha Tea. Price: $50.00.

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